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The Science of Sleep

We are used to thinking of sleep as almost involuntary.
Something that happens - or doesn’t - outside of our control. Through science, however, we have discovered exactly how to access quality sleep, every time.

nyx technologies science

65% of humans have disrupted sleep of some kind

While the causes of this disruption may vary, the brain wave patterns for sleep, deep sleep or lack of sleep are well known. We discovered how to stimulate the brain to replicate the patterns that will enable falling asleep or deep sleep in order to improve an individual’s sleep experience.


We integrated this knowledge with cutting edge AI technology that connects to a wearable EEG device and reports on an individual’s brain activity during sleep. This constant data feed enables the device to tailor the brain stimulation in a way that will prove most effective for each individual.

Cognyx’s 3 stages bring results


Our sensory technology enables a simple, at home EEG. Combining EEG data with advanced computer science, Cognyx can read and learn brain patterns with stunning precision.

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