We are passionate about harnessing technology to improve sleep. And by doing so, change the way we live our lives

Sleep is one of the single most important things humans require to support our brain function, our physical health and our emotional wellbeing.

We discovered a way to easily take back control of our “involuntary” brain functions. We used this knowledge to create a device that helps you communicate easily with parts of your brain that you used to think of as involuntary.

about nyx technologies

NYX Technologies was founded in 2016 by co-founders Ophir Orenstein and Tomer Aharanovich, who collectively are experts in neuroscience and bringing technology to market. The company was selected to participate in Intel’s technological incubator, as well as the IBM-Hadassa accelerator program. NYX has been distinguished with awards and speaking engagements at several important industry conferences, and are currently well positioned for the next company milestone

Our Team

Ophir Orenstein

CTO & Co-Founder

Tomer Aharonovitch

CEO & Co-Founder

Maxim Holodilin

Hardware lead

Dana Shik

Clinical lead

Ron Katz

Software developer

Galit Steinberg

Creative Director

Louann Cohen

Louann Cohen

Office Manager