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We studied sleep, so you don’t have to

Our solution uses sophisticated algorithms and smart continuous-learning AI to personalize a program that automatically trains your brain for sleep.
One simple, easy to use device diagnoses the sleep disturbance - and immediately treats it.

nyx technologies product
nyx technologies benefits

We are putting sleep problems to bed.
For good.

A sleek, attractive headband that is comfortable to wear, our solution is a revolutionary way to solve sleep disruption. Most devices require you to learn new techniques in order to train your brain to sleep, but we have a patent-pending system that non-invasively helps each individual automatically reach the sleep patterns necessary for optimum sleep.
No training, hard work or chemical side effects.
Just sleep.

Two parts that work together

The Headband

Designed for comfort and aesthetics, the headband is easy to wear, with undetectable sensors hidden inside the device. The revolutionary at-home EEG identifies and records the wearer’s brain wave pattern, while electrodes generate sleep by helping the brain achieve the natural pattern necessary for falling asleep or entering deep sleep.


The Application

The app on the user’s phone sets the individualized sleep program, using the data from the sensors and complex AI algorithms that are constantly learning. The user, gets a summary of his sleep, and based on his matrices a recommendation system will advise of an optimal plan. 


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